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How to protect your Car's Paintwork and increase its Durability


After getting your car detailed, you get a shiny new car with an amazing look. But that look needs to be treated well in order to make it durable. What's the point of getting your car detailed if you are going to lose everything soon? You can follow these simple steps and make sure you get the best out of your car detailing.

  • Rinse the Vehicle first in order to clean all dirt on it as much as possible before going for a full wash.

  • Use Two bucket method, one will be filled with water and soap mixture and other with just clean water so you could easily wash the media when it is soiled.

  • You need to use Mitts that will lift the dirt up instead of dragging it over the paint. When the Mitt is used to drag the dirt across the paint it will damage the paint and cause scratches and swirls. For this purpose microfiber mitts are ideal as they do a good job of absorbing water and will help easily lift up dirt. The Brushes will be quite harsh for your paint surface no matter how soft they are.

  • Always clean the cleanest part of the car first and then dirty part, in most cases you will clean from top to bottom. As more dirt is on bottom part due to it being close to the ground and dirt.

  • Don't just clean a big area of the car in one go, clean small areas and wash mitts as frequent as possible.

  • When you drag the mitts across the surface of your car, try to make low-pressure passes and do it frequently instead of passing with force in an attempt to clean it faster with just a few passes. This will help avoid scratches and clean every area thoroughly.

  • Be very careful, and make sure the mitt doesn't fall on the ground to catch any dirt from it. If it does drop, then ensure you have cleaned it properly before using again.

  • As wheels become more dirty as compared to the car exterior it is very hard to clean, use a separate brush for them. Never use the same cleaning tool from wheels to car paint.

  • While cleaning the vehicle, make sure all your clothes and your skin is away from the car. There should be no contact between your clothes or skin with the car. Your skin or clothes can cause scratches if rubbed against the car.

  • If your car is very little dirty, then it doesn't mean you should just use a towel or microfiber to give it a quick cleaning. If dirt is moved across the surface of the vehicle it will damage the paint.

If you have any questions regarding protection of your car or anything related to car detailing you can call Diamond Car Detailing in Anderson SC on this number 864-438-3560 and our customer support representative will provide an in depth answer.

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