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What major services Car Detailing Include?

Car detailing involves cleaning a car's exterior and interiors thoroughly. Not just cleaning, it involves using products to protect it from future harm and give it a new look. It will keep the car look clean and will also help keep it in excellent condition, retaining more sale value. You need to make sure your car detailing service provides all the required features. So you could get optimum results with full car detailing without leaving any part. Below are some major car detailing features.

Paint protection


The paint is the most important component when it comes to car detailing which separates good car detailers from bad one. Paint decides the look of your car so it should be in good condition, also it is very delicate to handle and one improper wash can destroy your car's look. Good car detailing companies like Daimond car detailing in Anderson, SC use 3 steps to apply paint to make sure it is attached perfectly and provide the look you deserve. First the car is washed and dried to make sure all grime and dirt is removed. After that, clay bar is applied to remove any contaminants in clear coat, for example metal particles, industrial fallout, tar and dirt. Finally, paint will be polished to remove fine scratches and swirl marks and then it is sealed by waxing for shine and protection.

Taillights, Headlights and Exterior Trim

Your car's taillights and headlights should be polished properly and then a plastic sealant should used on them to protect it. Many car detailing services just polish it and don't actually cover it with plastic sealant which very important. Trims should be cleaned and dressed with protectant to resist against fading and cracking. You should only go to Car detailers who get the job done completely and should confirm first via call if they provide such protection or not.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing should be done delicately using the right methods and products. The carpets and seating surface should be cleaned using a shampoo or a steam cleaner. Additionally, vinyl and plastic should be cleaned and then dressed with a protectant and all leather areas should be properly cleaned and conditioned. The interior cleaning is not limited to the passenger area, some good car detailing companies including Champion Car Detailing also involve truck area servicing.

Wheels and chassis

The Chassis should be cleaned thoroughly, the inside wheel wells and area around suspensions like anti roll bars and control arms should be cleaned. Plastic protectant should be dressed on Inner fender liners and plastic splash guard while tires and wheels should be washed and dress with protectant that will protect from cracking and corrosion and also improve their luster.

Engine Bay

The engine bay is very important part of car detailing and it should be misted with water lightly and after that cleaned with degreaser and rinsed clean. All plastic, rubber and silicone parts should be dressed to protect them from cracking.

Diamond Car Detailing in Anderson, SC Proudly offers all these services and if you required more details on our service call us 864-438-3560 and our customer support will answer all your questions.

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